The efforts of South Bay Clean Power have paid off. According to a recent article posted on their site, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has voted in favor of a study on the ramifications of Community Choice Aggregation for Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles is following the example of numerous other communities that have either already implemented similar programs, or started on the road to doing so. The text of the motion cites that “Alameda County, Santa Clara County, San Diego County and San Mateo County have each announced plans to implement CCAs.”

This is in addition to Marin and Sonoma, which have already implemented clean energy CCAs with great success. Marin Clean Energy offers fifty to one hundred percent renewable energy for residents of Marin County, unincorporated Napa County, and the City of Richmond. Sonoma Clean Power provides a host of community choice aggregation options for customers located within Sonoma County.

The Board of Supervisors formally recognized that clean energy aggregations substantially increase demand for renewable energy, and drive technological progress. They further recognized that similar programs have been successful across the country.

The motion, as approved, allots $150,000 for a feasibility study to investigate the impacts of a CCA for Los Angeles County. The Board plans to work with local utilities to identify strategies, and to create a model for the implementation of such a program.

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