10400115_sOregon has joined a number of states working to create a 50 percent renewable energy mandate. Earlier this year, Oregon utilities agreed to back a bill that will slowly phase out coal-fired energy generation and bring in 50 percent renewable energy generation by 2040.

While this is a more relaxed timeline than their Californian neighbors, the bill has Portland General Electric and Pacific Power behind it. These companies are the two largest utilities in the state and account for about 70 percent of the power generation in Oregon.

The reason behind the longer timeline was explained by Ry Schwark, the Pacific Power spokesman. “This will accelerate our move away from coal-fired generation in Oregon. It’s important that this does not necessarily make those plants go away. However, within the context of the (Environmental Protection Agency’s) Clean Power Plan, we’re going to be moving away from coal fired power anyway.”

The proposal must hit specific markers over time. By 2025, Oregon utilities have to achieve 27 percent renewable generation. This number goes to 45 percent by 2035 and 50 percent by 2040. However, if these numbers threaten reliability, the Oregon Public Utility Commission can temporarily suspend this bill. The energy companies hope that this timeline will help to provide green energy while maintaining lower rates.

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