We’ve all heard of social networks and ride-sharing, but have you heard of solar sharing networks? Chances are, probably not. This is what Vermont’s Green Mountain Power and Yeloha, Inc. are now offering customers.

How does it work?

7881288_m (1)Just as renting your home out to someone while you aren’t at home works for Airbnb, Yeloha is connecting homeowners who have ideal roofs for solar panels with those who do not have roofs suited for solar. Currently, out of the 117 million households in America, only 16 million have solar-friendly roofs. That makes these roofs prime real estate..

The solar sharing initiative helps homeowners with a solar appropriate homes (a “sun host”) receive free solar panels and a portion of the solar energy created. The rest of the energy is shared with “sun partners” who subscribe to the service.

This is the emergence of the sharing economy as it pertains to energy. Amit Rosner, Co-Founder and CEO of Yeloha said “Working together, we have the unique opportunity to democratize access to clean energy; literally bringing power to the people, by the people.”

Solar sharing will start with as a pilot in Rutland and Barre, Vermont. This new program will allow renters or people with poor roofs for solar to have access to solar power for the first time. With solar power only providing 1 percent of the clean energy in America, this sharing initiative could be a huge step forward for renewable energy everywhere.

Solar is just a portion of the energy innovations occurring around the U.S. At AGR Group Green, we stay on top of all initiatives in the renewable energy industry. Contact us today to find out how we can leverage our experience and knowledge to your advantage.