9685864_sTexas, the largest wind power generator in the country, is creating so much extra power, they’re giving it away for free. Texas utility TXU Energy is now offering free electricity from 9 PM through 6 AM, and it’s not the only utility to offer free “nighttime minutes” of electricity. Over 50 retail electricity companies in Texas are now offering free overnight electricity.

These power companies are taking advantage of the record high wind power provided by Texan wind farms. By charging slightly higher rates during the day, they are able to charge nothing through the night. They are also working toward training customers to turn dials down when wholesale prices are at their height, then turn them back up when prices are lower.

This strategy is not only helping utility companies gain new clients in Texas’s notoriously competitive energy market, it allows them to use wind to everyone’s best advantage. Wind speeds pick up overnight, so using up that additional power is vital to utility companies.

Texas utilities aren’t the only companies providing unprecedented incentives to their customer base. Baltimore Gas and Electric in Maryland gives customers a rebate on their bills for every kwh less they use during specific high-demand periods. In Worcester, Massachusetts, National Grid is providing smart plug-ins for clients to help them save money on their power bills.

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